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Personal + Professional

By grounding all teaching and coaching in reality, I find clients are able to move through hurdles faster, and elicit change that's aligned to their career trajectory, business goals and personal needs.

Coaching Programs

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These tried and true coaching engagements can be utilized individually or as a team. Coaching programs are designed to move the dial for your business growth and solidify direction.

Coaching Engagements

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Working With Briar

Creative Services

Let your story be heard.

Find the hook and the narrative that resonates with you and your audience.


Bring a fresh perspective.

Are you looking for assistance to delve deeper into your creative self and your ideas? Let me give you a hand.

Through conversations that include brainstorming, deep dives, branding, and results-oriented coaching, we’ll understand the direction then take action on those insights.

If you need a creative writer that can dive into the project as if it were you, or need the guidance to find your voice, I can uncover those areas of opportunity to maximize your efforts and reduce the time it takes to produce.

 Areas of Creative Expertise

  • Ghost writing (most genres)
  • Co-authoring & editing
  • Visual Resume
  • Business pitch strategy & content
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Speaking Engagements

Elevate your event.

Energize your audience with tangible ideas and information.

Create value for your audience.

Having presented for professional groups, panel discussions, keynotes and podcasts within the career industry, the power of a presenter can take a workshop, a meeting, or an event to a higher level.

Engaging your audience is paramount within our digital culture. When people have video and audio access to speakers across the world, presentations need to evoke emotion and resonate deeply with your guests.

Working with people everyday and navigating communication for a living, this is an area that lights me up and as a dynamic speaker, I am able to engage sometimes unengaged individuals to feel a part of the crowd, the mission, and leave with tangible impact from what they’ve learned or experienced.

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Consulting Engagements

Strategy & Execution.

From authoring Master Classes, to teaching leadership new growth strategies, bringing global insights into perspective is my goal.

Adding value in business.

As a teacher for a global audience, I bring the perspective of growth into actionable, tangible advice. My consulting approach is to eliminate roadblocks by preparing audiences, teams, and groups to take immediate action by using well designed and prepared tools for success.  

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Harness the power of the group.

There’s nothing more powerful than the collective genius of an empowered, inspired group of entrepreneurs.

Start making an impact.

Masterminds can be where real magic happens and momentum is born. Are you ready to make it happen?


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Each year I host mastermind groups, a way to find like-minded, highly focused professionals looking to grow their businesses through collaboration, accountability, and consistent motivation.

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