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About me

Hi, I’m Briar! I can’t wait to help you define your goals and create growth.

I am a versatile Executive, Advisor, and Thought Leader with more than 19 years of success across corporate, startup, and nonprofit environments. My broad areas of expertise span operations, marketing, sales, talent development, strategic planning, business plan development, P&L management, and comprehensive strategy development to grow, course-correct, and scale business. I lead workshops, presentations, and training in professional development and executive leadership in multiple markets in the US.

I currently hold a leadership position as the CEO & Founder of Career Organic, where I'm fortunate to work with clients and professionals from all over the globe, including markets across the Americas, Europe, Australia, and India. I work with professionals from all levels and business sectors. Additionally, I also serve as Chief Operating Officer for the Ovie Mughelli Foundation, a 501c-3 nonprofit championing environmental stewardship, and youth programs. In this role, I develop programmatic and operating budgets, build-out short and long-term strategic plans to lead the Foundation to a more extensive reach, and achieve a more significant impact year-over-year.

Prior to opening my own business, I additionally led as an Account Manager for Aspen Marketing, where I worked directly with the President of the company on growing sales, developing and managing customer relationships, and walking teams through full marketing production. In my prior roles, I worked as the Regional Director in the Health, Fitness, Spa, and Salon industries. My most notable position was the Regional Director of Sales & Operations for Saks Fifth Avenue Salons and Spas across the Northeast US. Working hand-in-hand with host-store executives building collaborative programs across loyalty, incentive, and event revenue streams.

I am an avid volunteer for the Atlanta Habitat for Humanity, Hands ON Atlanta, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and SparkSouth.

My Methods

Finding balance in all that we do.

My method for living a more fulfilling life comes from my years of learning to overcome hurdles to embrace growth. As a cancer survivor, I realized everyday should be lived with intention, and I hope to guide professionals around the globe to find that intention to shape a better future.

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